Mott McDonald Excel Consultants
MJ Associates Astral Consultants
Turnkey plant automation involving E & I field equipment
Typical Project scope includes -
  • Procurement of various instruments, electrical equipment & installation hardware as per project BOQ
  • Site mobilization
  • Erection of PCC, MCC, LDB' & PDB's
  • Installation of utility sockets, lighting & plant earthing
  • Erection of panels for field instruments, Control system, Power, Fire alarm, PA system
  • Erection of structural steel, cable trays & junction boxes
  • Erection of smoke /gas detectors, field instruments, weighing systems, valves, air manifolds
  • Inter panel wiring, impulse piping, copper/SS tubing, gas piping for PRV stations & N2, H2 regulators
  • Control & power cable laying, dressing, glanding & termination
  • Hook-up, Loop check, calibration & commissioning
  • Prepare & submit as-built drawings